The Super Cool Flask

The only way to get by this gift as not being canned is by really, really finding a cool one.  Let’s face it, it’s kind of a stock gift.  That being said, it’s also one of those deals where every guy could use one and will likely appreciate it.  So if you want your dudes to open up their gift and actually be surprised, get something that really stands out.  You can find some really neat options in the 20-40 dollar range.



The Bow Tie, Ascot or Crevat

This one is going to depend on how GQ your wedding party is, but if you want to go throwback and tap into a bit of a resurgence, try one of these, matching.  This is for the groomsmen that are in touch with their sophisticated metro side, are open to having a little fun, then any one of these can be a very cool, inexpensive groomsmen gift.  Have some fun later on when you get the entire gang together, wear them again, different blazers.  Ladies will love them and see that you’re confident, have great buddies and an easy ice breaker.  These aren’t meant for simply French aristocrats.  Get a sweet version of any in that 20 to 30 dollar spectrum.

Cool Socks

We’re big fans in general.  Cool socks are a great peek a boo way to colorize your attire and add a bit of character to the wardrobe.  Also a nice go for the whole corporate culture.  One hidden bonus is that the are WAY easier to match after laundry, something no guy likes to do.  There are skulls, argyle, zig zags, you name it and there is an awesome design for it.  These can be a nice add on to a couple of other stocking stuffer type gifts if that’s the way you choose.  Ditch the totally corny cufflinks which no guy wears anymore unless they are living in 1985 Wall Street and get them an unique groomsmen gift they’ll actually appreciate AFTER the wedding.  Happy Socks has some great selections in the 12/pair neighborhood.


Cool Headphones

Electronics – the way to any man’s heart, outside of food.  Now there isn’t a whole lot in the the normal price range for electronics for a cool groomsmen gift that will provide a whole lot of feasibility.  The one item that might that every guy could use is cool headphones.  Not a bad way for a guy to take a breather with his Pandora while getting ready either.  The options are endless, they can get pricey.  If you dig hard enough, you can find some stylish ones with great sound.  If you have any music lover’s in your posse, it makes for a great groomsmen gift.  Skull Candy offers some very cool selections anywhere from the 30-60 dollar range.



The dogs of men, such sensitive appendages.  Why put your groomsmen through the agony of wearing those horrible rented tuxedo shoes the entire day?  Give them one of the most creative groomsmen gifts out there and allow your entourage to kick back and relax during the down time in some matching footwear that allows those feet to breath.  In the spirit of a previous post (Van’s), Tom’s offer another creative option that can then turn into fun wear for years to come.  Move over flip flops, this isn’t Hawaii – Tom’s are a great summer option with a lot more character.  We personally don’t believe men’s feet belong in public anyway.   For a fun preppy, creative groomsmen gift option, take a look at the seer sucker Tom’s.  Grab a nice pair for 45-60.  




Shaving Kit

This one plays to practicality and a man’s every day ritual and is something that all men will be doing for the rest of their lives.  Unless they become the unibomber.  There is something to be said for aiding in the every day pains of shaving and turning into an event that a guy can actually look forward to.  To do so, they must be equipped properly with all the necessary must haves.  Most men don’t even think about much of it.  A pre shave oil, a nice cream and a post shaving balm do wonders in providing the right scent and skin soothing.  Why not make this must have a little unique and get them something they can  enjoy shaving with.  Your guy will walk out of the door every morning with that bit of added confidence that anyone can use.  The Art of Shaving has a nice starters kit for 60 smacks.



Cornhole Set & Accessories

The mighty cornhole, it’s becoming THE backyard game.  Men can play it for hours, turning into a drinking event.  It has become a must in any backyard sporting or tail gating.  While a set may be a bit on the pricey side as a groomsman gift, if you can afford it, it is the ultimate.  As a way of going lighter, you can get your guy a set of personalized bags instead.  Any way you slice it, it makes for one heck of a gift.  The name cornhole in itself evokes a smile from any man.  If you want to break the bank for the best man, a nice set will run you in the low to mid 100’s.  You can grab some personalized bags for 25-30 bucks.


Ice Stones

Here’s a little bit of an out of the box unique gift for groomsmen that we really like.  The ice stones are just plain manly.  They’re meant to be used for a good scotch or whiskey and they add the cool to the drink without the melting and dilution.   Do you know how sometimes when you’re sipping on your straight on the rocks the bottom is always watery and undescript?  These guys eliminate that.  All the while adding a very cool element of masculinity to your drink that gets your guests thinking.   A really solid and unique groomsmen gift.   You can get a nice set of these for as low as 20 bucks. 


Cool Groomsmen Gifts – Vans Wing Tips

Cool concept – add comfort, viagra 100mg the coolness of Vans and a way of capturing the marital moment and you have the essence of awesome gift.  Give your men a way of enjoying some of the day outside of their tacky tux shoes with just the right touch.  Vans offers something for every occasion and in these kicks, order they have something that makes a very cool groomsmen gift.  You can find a nice pair of these in multipe colors in that 40-50 dollar range.

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