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Cool groomsmen gifts are out of the box and a less likely that the groomsmen already have and taps into the creative side. The groom may take a little bit of risk that the groomsmen gift doesn’t appeal to the taste of your groomsmen, but you may also hit jackpot and really get your groomsmen psyched. Cool gifts are higher risk, but higher reward. Cool groomsmen gifts are likely to garner excitement on the day they are given, but also potentially kicked to the curb if you’re not careful.

Groomsmen Bobblehead

Cool Groomsmen Gifts - Bobblehead Doll

In capturing the full meaning of personalization, the bobble head look alike makes for a hysterical and well appreciated groomsmen gift.  I’m not sure what it is about the bobble head doll and it’s hypnotizing effect on the common male, but there is something about them that guys love.  When having a bad day, there is nothing more soothing that looking into the soul of your own bobble head and bobbling his head a little bit. It will be a conversation piece as well. You can find this funny groomsmen gifts for about $100 on Groovy Groomsmen Gifts, they will be the centerpiece of their desktop decoration for eternity.  This is an absolute can’t go wrong and is one of the best groomsmen gifts ever.

Unique Leather Travel Kit

Unique Groomsmen Gifts Travel Kit We like this as a groomsmen gift because it is a unique look on a common, sick practical item.  Everyone needs a toiletry bag, so why not get your groomsmen one that is unique and a little different then all the other ones out there.  This one comes with a creative monogram, giving it an extra cool factor.  You can get this one for $50 a pop on this website.

Belt with Bottle Cap Opener

Creative Belt GiftsWe’ve seen credit cards and flip flops that can open beer bottles, but this one is a unique idea we have not seen before.  A belt buckle that can open a beer bottle is genius!  Not only does this belt buckle look awesome, but it will serve a very functional purpose for your groomsmen.  You can get it engraved on the back with your groomsmens name and wedding date, it can be had for $50 on this website.

Super Hero Cufflinks

Most guys just roll their eyes when they here cufflinks as a gift suggestion for their groomsmen. However, page there are many new twists now days on traditional cuff links. There is no denying that the cuff links have just about been done to death. However, ed these playful pieces will surely be appreciated by any guy. Put a smile on your buddies face with cuff links featuring their personal favorite super hero symbols.  A set of these will run you around $30, you can see a whole bunch of options by visiting this website.

Hardy Oak Whiskey Barrel

Every tough guy likes whiskey, so  show your groomsmen how tough they are by getting them this  oak whiskey barrel.   They can let their whiskey age and while you are over visiting, they can whip it out and you can enjoy a glass together.  You can get this barrel engraved with your groomsmen’s name.  It can be had for $55 on this website.

Personalized Bar Signs

Great Personalized SignsWe are big fans of custom made personalized bar signs that you can get your groomsmen for the man cave or bar in their home.  You can get your groomsmen a different one to tailor to their personality and tell them why you got them that particular sign during your rehearsal dinner speech.   You can see a bunch of them on this website and most of them cost between $30 and $40.

Wayfarer Sunglasses

Awesome Sunglasses

These specs are timeless and will forever be one of the best pair of sunglasses your groomsmen will ever have.  JFK firmly fused these guys into US fashion culture and they aren’t going anywhere.  They are the best summer sunglasses.  Rayban makes a great pair, as does Oakley.  If you can find them on the cheap or a decent brand on the low down, they’ll be cool on the day of and ongoing.  Check out Vans for a great affordable brand where you can grab a pair for as low as 12 bucks.  These are easily one of the best groomsmen gifts out there.




Outdoor Survival Ammo Can

If you are really looking for groomsmen gifts that simply ooze masculinity, visit this site look no further than this Outdoor Survival Ammo Can.   The decommissioned .30 caliber ammunition can holds a number of essential items for survival, including versatile tools and food products perfect for keeping your groomsmen energized at any moment in time.  It comes in an awesome crate that your groomsmen will have to open with a crow bar.  If you are not up for the Outdoor Survival Ammo Can, has lots of cool other options.  You can get this great groomsmen gift for $79 on this website.

Portable Beer Pong Table

Ok, a little sophomoric at best, but isn’t there a frat boy wanting to come out in all of us guys?  Haven’t we all been at parties where the idea of beer pong has come up only to see some patch work piece of wood and horses come out?  Let’s safe guard against that catastrophe by giving some great groomsmen gifts that will have staying power for parties to come.  You can find yourself a quality table in the 100 dollar area.



Personalized Pub Sign

Personalized pub signs as gifts for groomsmen are the rage, and for good reason.  This is a creative groomsmen gift that will get any guy excited, it will give them a sense of price and they will be pumped to get home and hang it up.  It could go in their man cave, bar, or bedroom, it certainly won’t be one of those gifts that gets thrown in the basement and never used.  There are lots of cool retro style personalized pub signs out there.

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