Group Caricature

This could be the mother of all our unique groomsmen gifts.  So many tacky wall decoration ideas out there posing as cool groomsmen gifts.  I mean, ambulance who needs a personalized golf sign?  That one is going straight into a box in a basement somewhere.   The wife is going to take that thing down and replace it with something she found at Pottery Barn the minute it goes up.  Give it a month.  Do you want something that not even the most stubborn woman will have the gall to overhaul?  Try this unique groomsmen gift.  Costs will range, but if you can get one this website at a reasonable price and they give you a digital copy you can pay once and print multiple copies.

Groomsmen Bobblehead

Cool Groomsmen Gifts - Bobblehead Doll

In capturing the full meaning of personalization, the bobble head look alike makes for a hysterical and well appreciated groomsmen gift.  I’m not sure what it is about the bobble head doll and it’s hypnotizing effect on the common male, but there is something about them that guys love.  When having a bad day, there is nothing more soothing that looking into the soul of your own bobble head and bobbling his head a little bit. It will be a conversation piece as well. You can find this funny groomsmen gifts for about $100 on Groovy Groomsmen Gifts, they will be the centerpiece of their desktop decoration for eternity.  This is an absolute can’t go wrong and is one of the best groomsmen gifts ever.

Groomsmen Football

il_570xN.694510562_79lrWhat man doesn’t like tossing around the pig skin every now and then. Throwing a football around is a great time in any guys day to reflect on old college days on the quad or day dream on how you might be good enough for the NFL. Now the Groomsmen Football comes along and creates a whole new level of writing your name on a ball with a marker like back in the days.  With the Groomsmen Football you can personalize a bundle of balls for the guys with their names, position in the wedding and date of the big day all on the ball. This fully functional Football is only $49.50 with your choice of gold, white or silver writing.

Sportsman’s Hatchet

Cool HatchetIf you are looking for a groomsmen gift idea that is unique and something that your groomsmen won’t get at every other wedding that they are in, this hatchet is a great idea.  Its a tough guy tool that has a high cool factor and all your groomsmen will appreciate.   You can get it for an $45 on this site.   If you need more evidence of how awesome people think this hatchet is, be sure to check out the great reviews that it has when you go to Amazon’s website.

MacGyver Golf Tool

cool-golf-toolIf any of your groomsmen are golfers, this gadget will make them feel like MacGyver. It’s the tool that does everything you need on the golf course, from marking your ball to slicing open your cigar. It will prob your clubs up so you don’t get the handles wet on the grass, and it will repair your tools. After you get this thing you’ll wish your fiance was as versatile as it is. The best part is it will only cost you $25 on this website.

Unique Leather Travel Kit

Unique Groomsmen Gifts Travel Kit We like this as a groomsmen gift because it is a unique look on a common, sick practical item.  Everyone needs a toiletry bag, so why not get your groomsmen one that is unique and a little different then all the other ones out there.  This one comes with a creative monogram, giving it an extra cool factor.  You can get this one for $50 a pop on this website.

Credit Card Sized Tookit

We are big fans of this credit card sized toolkit as a throw in to a larger groomsmen gift or if you are looking to save a few dollars because you already spent way too much on you wedding.  It comes with 9 different tools, web one of which is a pretty tough knife.  It barely weighs an ounce and can fit right in your wallet, and the best part is you can get this bad boy for around $15 on

Belt with Bottle Cap Opener

Creative Belt GiftsWe’ve seen credit cards and flip flops that can open beer bottles, but this one is a unique idea we have not seen before.  A belt buckle that can open a beer bottle is genius!  Not only does this belt buckle look awesome, but it will serve a very functional purpose for your groomsmen.  You can get it engraved on the back with your groomsmens name and wedding date, it can be had for $50 on this website.

Personalized Beer Bucket

This gift is a dude’s dream come true, a personalized bucket that has all the essentials they will need for enjoying beer for the rest of their life.  It comes with a personalized bottle cap opener that they can hang on a wall, a personalized 16oz glass, and a personalized bucket that they can carry their beers around in.   Before you give it to your groomsmen, you might want to grab a 6 pack of your groommen’s favorite beer and throw it in here.  Your groomsmen will be psyched when you hand this gift over to them, you can get it on for $67.90.

Luxury Shaving Kit

Shaving is something every dude has to do, but nobody likes to spend money on it.  That is exactly why this Van Der Hagen shave set makes an awesome gift.   Why not hook your fellas up with this awesome gift that comes a great price, this luxury shaving kit is a groomsmen gift that you can’t go wrong with.  It comes with all the essentials that make for a great shaving experience and it can be had for about $30 on Amazon.

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